[Thinbsd] Re: ThinBSD with other videodriver

Helmut Hissen helmut at zeebar.com
Wed Jun 16 07:45:45 GMT 2004

yes, disklabel and fdisk can be painful.  I found  dd if=/dev/null of=our partition/disk useful at times.  

I did a dependency graph for most of FreeBSD libs, binaries, and etc files once for a personal project (SlimDevices server) and fit everyhing including ssh2d, dhclient, and perl, tcl, and most file utilities stuffed into a few MB kernel using homebrew scripts and crunch.

Its really silly how much crap there is on the average system disk, even in FreeBSD, tho it is much tighter than the others.  Kudos to the folks maintaining the ports and releases since that little project gave me a whole new appreciations for their ability to deal with dependencies.

btw:  Perl is a real pain to shrink down and in the end made up the single largest chunk.  Once you pull in perl, you pull in a whole bunch of more random stuff you will never use.  I suggest you use Tcl instead if you can.



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