[Thinbsd] Re: ThinBSD with other videodriver

Richard P. Williamson richard.williamson at u4eatech.com
Wed Jun 16 07:17:31 GMT 2004

At 15:47 15/06/2004. Martin Nilsson had this to say:
>The sysinstall part could probably be made a lot easier by calling fdisk & disklabel directly from a script but the above was the way I knew would work.

I did do it from scripts.  Unless you understand the ins and outs
of disklabel et al., it can be quite painful trying to figure out
what you need to get it working.  For the simplicity, if I were
doing a FAQ on this, I would say 'use sysinstall unless you can
quote the disklabel and newfs manpages verbatim from memory'

>>as it is done with pexes project maybe we could write a config script
>>that put in the ramdisk only the drivers needed
>>for a specific configuration. better than see the ramdisk grow to
>>support every thinclient hardware in the world.
>>something like the openbsd installer that config the keyboard,
>>drivers, etc...
>Having a smorgasbord of compiled binaries for different programs, drivers etc to choose from when creating the mfsroot would probably be smart. A small script could then ask which ones to include on the ramdisk.

lld is also a friend here, because you can ldd your binaries to 
find out which shared libs are required for the binaries on the
ramdisk.  Which means you can dump any that aren't and save the


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