[Thinbsd] Re: ThinBSD with other videodriver

Martin Nilsson martin at mullet.se
Tue Jun 15 15:04:51 GMT 2004

David DELAVENNAT wrote:
> |> I installed thinbsd on to a flash card yesterday only to find
> |> that I had a trident Cyberblade video in my tiny diskless client.
> |>
> |>
> what flash card did you use?
> on the todo list we have the flashboot faq :)

The machine I used have a motherboard similar to this one: 
The flash I used was just an 256MB CF card that were available.

How to install ThinBSD on flash.
1. Boot the FreeBSD cdrom on the machine with installed CF card.
2. In sysinstall goto Configure->label & fdisk. Crete one partition on 
the flash, set it bootable, newfs and write the changes (you have to 
also make a small swap partition, make it 1MB we won't use it)

3. exit & reboot.

4. put the flash in a box with a real running FreeBSD.
If you using a CF card an USB card reader is useful.
mount it under /mnt and cd there.
untar boot-xxx.tar.gz move the kernel from /mnt/boot/kernel/kernel to 
/mnt and also put mfsroot.gz in /mnt (not in boot as for PXE install)

5. unmount and put flash in your thin computer and see it fly.

The sysinstall part could probably be made a lot easier by calling fdisk 
& disklabel directly from a script but the above was the way I knew 
would work.

> as it is done with pexes project maybe we could write a config script
> that put in the ramdisk only the drivers needed
> for a specific configuration. better than see the ramdisk grow to
> support every thinclient hardware in the world.
> something like the openbsd installer that config the keyboard,
> drivers, etc...

Having a smorgasbord of compiled binaries for different programs, 
drivers etc to choose from when creating the mfsroot would probably be 
smart. A small script could then ask which ones to include on the ramdisk.


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