help floppy format

Kyryll A Mirnenko mirya at
Fri Oct 3 05:08:33 PDT 2003

>i've tried windows and native linux format floppies
>and they dont work. what format do i need to use. thx

WHat means "floppy format"? You need to write RAW data sector-to-sector to the floppy (if I understand the problem) using
dd if=image_file of=/dev/fd0
on UNIX, or with rawrite on Windows.
  The resulting diskette'll contain small booting program which unpacks the rest of the data (~4M, packed to one floppy) to RAM, then starts freebsd.
  This diskette won't be readabe nor on Windows, neihter on *nix!

Укрпост - продвинутая почта.

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