Acrosser Embedded Machines

Philip Reynolds philip.reynolds at
Wed May 28 11:20:48 PDT 2003


just an FYI on these Acrosser machines. I don't work for them and
have no connections with them, other than I've purchased three of
their machines in the middle of 2002.

What we bought was this:

Which has turned out to be an excellent machines. Currently we're
not using the flash DOM's (although initial testing seems to suggest
they're working) but we're actually using a laptop disk (seems more
natural for testing, flash DOM's have a reasonly short lifetime when
you're writing to them.

The new versions are fanless (and hence not as noisy).

They're definately a nice little machine, but anything you order is
coming from Taiwan. Perfect as some sort of networking solution (3
LAN cards) and there's plenty of other machines on the site as well.

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