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> Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 13:58:31 +0930
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> Hi all
> Just found this list today. Does anyone know how know how pico compares in
> function and stability against Coyote Linux?
> Would like to use freebsd port but many say CL is currently the 'best'
> diskless router configuration.
> Any comments or examples of using pico would be appreciated.
> Cheers, Ben

Hi Ben

i use my own version of PicoBSD with new startup scripts and config files,
non standart crunch, some tools to rule pppd, web-server to view logs and
of Pico, tool to save gzipped config on floppy, syslog and newsyslog,
and nessesary network tools (netstat, arp etc).

Now some of my builds working in our corporate network and use pppd on
line and dial-in with pap/chap auth.
I've built them on my FreeBSD 4.7 and sent to local admins not very familiar
with unix.
They've inserted disks and turn power on .
A little phonetalks, a little telnet and leased channel works!

Someday I'm going to create new PicoBSD build script with new build

I will be very interesting to listen about uses of Pico and changes made to

Best wishes,
Dimitri Babak

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