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Tue May 13 23:19:32 PDT 2003

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> Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 18:11:36 +0200
> From: "Oldno7 (Guillermo Hernandez)" <guillermo at>
> Subject: crunching ftpd problem
> To: freebsd-small at
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> Hi all. I've been having trouble trying to crunch ftpd into picobsd.
> Despite I solved before modifying the ftpd

> ******snip
> `date.o' is up to date.
> `netdate.o' is up to date.
> `vary.o' is up to date.
> `ipfw.o' is up to date.
> `minigzip.o' is up to date.
> /usr/lib/libskey.a(skeysubr.o): In function `_sk_keycrunch':
> skeysubr.o(.text+0x6f): undefined reference to `MD4Init'
> skeysubr.o(.text+0x7d): undefined reference to `MD4Update'
> skeysubr.o(.text+0x8a): undefined reference to `MD4Final'
> /usr/lib/libskey.a(skeysubr.o): In function `_sk_f':
> skeysubr.o(.text+0xdb): undefined reference to `MD4Init'
> skeysubr.o(.text+0xe7): undefined reference to `MD4Update'
> skeysubr.o(.text+0xf7): undefined reference to `MD4Final'
> *** Error code 1
> Stop in
> /usr/src/release/picobsd/build/build_dir-net.rdsi.plasticos.1/crunch.
> ---> fail: Error <1> error code <crunch> in <>
> *******snip

Hi Guillermo

here you can see my crunch.conf with ftpd
i've met the problem you describe and solved it
just resorting order of libs.
I think crunchgen wants the right order of libs because
of dependencies between them.

Uncomment all related to ftpd
Now it's commented because of limited disk space

my version of PicoBSD compiles in 4.4(with some limitations? not in crunch),
4.6, 4.7

Best wishes,
Dimitri Babak

= begin crunch.conf
# $FreeBSD: src/release/legobsd/05.14/crunch.conf,v 2002/04/19
12:42:51 ru Exp $
# NOTE: the string "/usr/src" will be automatically replaced with the
# correct value set in 'build' script - you should change it there

# Default build options

srcdirs /usr/src/bin
srcdirs /usr/src/sbin/i386
srcdirs /usr/src/sbin
srcdirs /usr/src/usr.bin
srcdirs /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin
srcdirs /usr/src/usr.sbin
srcdirs /usr/src/libexec
srcdirs /usr/src/release/picobsd/tinyware

libs -ledit # sh,ftp
libs -lutil #
libs -lcrypt # ftpd,pppd,passwd,init
libs -lm # ftpd,ls,df,ps,ping
libs -lkvm # netstat,ps,w
libs -lipx # ifconfig
libs -lz   # grep
libs -lpcap # sh,pppd
libs -lwrap # inetd
libs -lncurses # telnet,telnetd,ee,ls,libedit
libs -lalias # natd
libs -lipsec # telnet,ping
#libs -lskey # ftpd
libs -lmd # ftpd,pppd,routed,libskey
libs -lgnuregex # grep
libs -lnetgraph # netstat

#progs pw # 20k
#progs fsck # 28k

#progs ftpd # 36k
#progs ftp  # 32k

progs simple_httpd
progs telnet  # 16k
progs telnetd # 28k
libs /usr/src/lib/libtelnet/libtelnet.a # telnetd

progs netstat # 36
progs chat  # 4k
#progs natd  # 21k
progs pppd  # 40k

#progs vidcontrol # 4k
progs kbdcontrol # 8k
progs comcontrol # 0k

progs tail
progs tr
progs cron
special cron srcdir /usr/src/usr.sbin/cron/cron
special cron objpaths $(cron_OBJDIR)/cron.o $(cron_OBJDIR)/database.o
$(cron_OBJDIR)/do_command.o $(cron_OBJDIR)/job.o $(cron_OBJDIR)/user.o
$(cron_OBJDIR)/popen.o /usr/src/usr.sbin/cron/lib/libcron.a

progs syslogd
progs newsyslog

#progs routed # 32k

progs route
progs ping
progs traceroute
progs ipfw
progs arp

progs inetd
progs ee # 48k
progs passwd
progs init # 4k
progs ifconfig # 12k
progs sh
ln sh -sh
progs echo
progs pwd
progs mkdir rmdir
progs chmod chown
progs umount
progs mount
progs mount_null # 0k
progs mv ln
progs gzip
progs cp
progs rm
progs ls
progs kill
progs df
progs ps
progs vm
progs cat
progs test
ln test [
progs hostname
progs login
progs getty
progs stty
progs w
ln w uptime
progs msg
ln msg dmesg
progs kget
progs reboot
progs sysctl
progs swapon
progs pwd_mkdb
progs dev_mkdb
progs grep

= end crunch.conf

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