crunching ftpd problem

Oldno7 (Guillermo Hernandez) guillermo at
Tue May 13 09:11:36 PDT 2003

Hi all. I've been having trouble trying to crunch ftpd into picobsd.
Despite I solved before modifying the ftpd
sources deleting all the references to the skey stuff I think it's not
the way (and I have to patch everytime I
cvsup the system sources). I suspect that is a library missing problem,
but after dealing with it I cannot find
which library is.
Below I posted the error message and the crunch.conf involved. Note that
I put the "-DMD5" and the "libs skey" options in order to get around the
problem (I'm sure that the "libs.." option is correct because before it
the problem was undefined references to skey functions).
Thank you very much in advance.

`date.o' is up to date.
`netdate.o' is up to date.
`vary.o' is up to date.
`ipfw.o' is up to date.
`minigzip.o' is up to date.
/usr/lib/libskey.a(skeysubr.o): In function `_sk_keycrunch':
skeysubr.o(.text+0x6f): undefined reference to `MD4Init'
skeysubr.o(.text+0x7d): undefined reference to `MD4Update'
skeysubr.o(.text+0x8a): undefined reference to `MD4Final'
/usr/lib/libskey.a(skeysubr.o): In function `_sk_f':
skeysubr.o(.text+0xdb): undefined reference to `MD4Init'
skeysubr.o(.text+0xe7): undefined reference to `MD4Update'
skeysubr.o(.text+0xf7): undefined reference to `MD4Final'
*** Error code 1
Stop in
---> fail: Error <1> error code <crunch> in <>
my crunch.conf file is:
****************** beginof crunch.conf
# Default build options.
buildopts -DNOINET6 -DMD5

srcdirs @__CWD__@/src

# other sources
srcdirs /usr/src/bin
srcdirs /usr/src/sbin/i386
srcdirs /usr/src/sbin
srcdirs /usr/src/usr.bin
srcdirs /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin
srcdirs /usr/src/usr.sbin
srcdirs /usr/src/libexec
# sources for ns & vm
srcdirs /usr/src/release/picobsd/tinyware
# sources para el i4b
srcdirs /usr/src/usr.sbin/i4b
srcdirs /usr/src/sys/i4b
# source para el skey
srcdirs /usr/src/lib/libskey
# aportacion de la casa .. el kbdcontrol, ftpd y el isdnd

###progs kbdcontrol ftpd isdnd telnetd mount_msdos
progs kbdcontrol isdnd mount_msdos
progs ftpd

progs sh test echo hostname ln login getty stty
progs inetd w msg kget reboot
progs init ifconfig df sps ns vm cat
progs cp rm mknod chmod chown mkdir ls syslogd
progs sysctl route pwd_mkdb dev_mkdb
progs mount umount
progs kill mount_std natd

progs pwd telnet less
ln less more
progs date
progs ipfw

progs minigzip
ln minigzip gzip
ln test [
ln sh -sh
ln mount_std procfs
ln mount_std mount_procfs
ln sps ps
ln msg dmesg
ln ns netstat
ln chown chgrp

libs -lncurses -lmytinfo -lipx -lz -lpcap -lalias -lwrap
libs -ledit -lutil -lmd -lcrypt -lmp -lgmp -lm -lkvm
libs -lgnuregex -ltelnet
####### para el ftpd
libs -lskey
************************ end of crunch.conf

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