Problems booting 4.8R PicoBSD

Bob Bishop rb at
Tue Jul 15 09:46:43 PDT 2003


At 16:23 15/7/03, Chuck T. wrote:
>[...]My 4.8R based kernel is booting via PXE using dhcp/tftp/nfs, but 
>hanging after
>decompressing the kernel.  A packet sniffer shows that it was trying to
>read /pxeroot/etc/fstab.gz and failing that /pxeroot/etc/fstab.  I believe
>that means that the kernel didn't find the embedded root file system image
>for some reason. [etc]

Do you have a <wherever_you're_booting_from>/boot/loader.rc? pxeboot 
expects that, see pxeboot(8). It may need to contain:

         set vfs.root.mountfrom="ufs:/dev/md0c"

or some such. Sorry for the vagueness, I don't have a netbooting pico setup 
here right now.

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