m0n0wall/small FreeBSD devel

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at northnetworks.ca
Tue Apr 29 07:57:02 PDT 2003


Your m0n0wall project is as close to what I have been searching out for
quite a while. I was just about to start my own development, but lacked
knowledge in making FreeBSD 'small'.

Although from many tutorials, I have gained valuable knowledge on this, I
want to add to your project instead of reinventing this wheel.

My requirements include advanced routing functions and IPsec VPN.

I have ordered hardware from http://www.soekris.com, and patiently await
the new development hardware.

I am not fluent with php, but am very fluent with perl, and would like to
know how you feel about added perl modules in your php system. If you are
ok with this language, I can proceed in the development in the following
systems immediatly:

- IPsec VPN fully configurable via web including IKE with raccoon
- easy, quick management of static routes, port forwarding and redirection
for NAT, including the disabling of fw rules for testing purposes (via a
check box)
- MRTG integration for traffic graphing

I already have a wizard setup for a vpn/router box written for the command
line, which I could port over to a web interface. (At least it is a
starting point.

I will need some time to play with your distro at first to become familiar
with it, but lack the cf card and hardware at this time to commence.

Please give me your thoughts.


Steve Bertrand

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