FreeBSD hiding security stuff

Jonathan Weiss tomonage2 at
Fri Mar 4 17:32:24 GMT 2005

>> They have refused to give us real details.
> Theo, in one of several replies, indicated that I should provide the
> details to Ted Unangst (tedu@).  I contacted Ted and provided him with
> the details; he agreed with me about how and when it should be handled
> by OpenBSD.

I've mailed with Theo and his main problem is that they (as the OpenBSD
developers) did not get enough details even after one week. Theo has no
detailed information yet and if this problem affects SMP on i386 he needs
the eyes of 8 of his developers.

Maybe informing them as a group with more information would have been
better, but I cannot really know or say.

Maybe (and hopefully) you two can work this issue out because a good
coorperation and relationship between FreeBSD and OpenBSD benefits all.


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