iSCSI initiator lockups

Danny Braniss danny at
Tue Mar 10 05:41:19 PDT 2009

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> I'm running into some odd headaches regarding what looks like iSCSI initiat=
> ors
> going to sleep for approximately 30 seconds before returning to life and
> pumping a ton of information back to the target. While this is happening,
> system load climbs up alarmingly fast. Looking at tcpdumps in Wireshark, it
> shows what appears to be a nearly exact 30 second delay where the initiator
> stops talking to the target server, then abruptly restarts. Currently
> 8 machines are talking to 2 servers with 4 targets a piece, and while its=
> =20
> working, we get good throughput. Activity is moderately high, as we are=20
> using the iSCSI targets as spool disks in an email cluster. As it appears
> that iscsi-target is a single-threaded process, would it be valuable to
> put each target in its own process on its own port? At any rate, this is
> causing serious problems on the mail processing machines.
can you send me the output of
sysctl net.iscsi



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