iSCSI initiator lockups

Jason T. Nelson jtn at
Mon Mar 9 14:53:17 PDT 2009

I'm running into some odd headaches regarding what looks like iSCSI initiators
going to sleep for approximately 30 seconds before returning to life and
pumping a ton of information back to the target. While this is happening,
system load climbs up alarmingly fast. Looking at tcpdumps in Wireshark, it
shows what appears to be a nearly exact 30 second delay where the initiator
stops talking to the target server, then abruptly restarts. Currently
8 machines are talking to 2 servers with 4 targets a piece, and while its 
working, we get good throughput. Activity is moderately high, as we are 
using the iSCSI targets as spool disks in an email cluster. As it appears
that iscsi-target is a single-threaded process, would it be valuable to
put each target in its own process on its own port? At any rate, this is
causing serious problems on the mail processing machines.

Jason T. Nelson <jtn at>
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