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On 08/30/10 16:08, Eric wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was just reading through ports/147809, which in summary is about a broken
> install of databases/ruby-dbi.  That break came about because a gem it
> depended on (devel/rubygem-deprecated) was upgraded and the interface in the
> gem changed between versions.
> So I was wondering what our approach was in situations like this where (in
> this case) one library depends on a particular version of a gem not >= or
> anything.  On my Mac where gems are just installed using the gem commands
> directly I end up with numerous versions installed because I rarely remove
> an earlier version so I never really encounter this problem, but with ports
> on FreeBSD we remove and replace the gem with the latest.
> The easiest is probably to have another port for particular cases like this
> and just list that in the DEPENDS.  So in this case create a
> devel/rubygem-deprecated-2_0_1.

Yes, that is a solution, and one I've pondered for a while.  Since this
is few and far between its usually easier to pester the upstream
maintainer to fix their gem for the api changes.

It could also be the case that the gem say ~> but really >= will work
for minor changes.  In that case I've re-rolled a local .gem file and
hosted it in my ~.  Eventually things catch up.

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