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Eric freebsdlists-ruby at
Mon Aug 30 16:09:05 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I was just reading through ports/147809, which in summary is about a broken
install of databases/ruby-dbi.  That break came about because a gem it
depended on (devel/rubygem-deprecated) was upgraded and the interface in the
gem changed between versions.

So I was wondering what our approach was in situations like this where (in
this case) one library depends on a particular version of a gem not >= or
anything.  On my Mac where gems are just installed using the gem commands
directly I end up with numerous versions installed because I rarely remove
an earlier version so I never really encounter this problem, but with ports
on FreeBSD we remove and replace the gem with the latest.

The easiest is probably to have another port for particular cases like this
and just list that in the DEPENDS.  So in this case create a

Anyone got any neater ideas?  Perhaps there are not enough to worry about a
neater solution, but I thought it was worth a quick ponder before I try/test
and submit a some patches to hopefully fix ports/147809.



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