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On Sun, Oct 03, 2021 at 02:46:47AM -0700, David Christensen wrote:
>On 10/2/21 16:21, tech-lists wrote:
>> OK. if I think I understand correctly then if we need to keep everything
>> then I'll need to keep every incremental snapshot.
>ZFS is novel and complex.  It requires different thinking than
>traditional partitions/ slices, volumes, filesystems, etc..  

Yep I hear you. Someone else mentioned bacula which keeps track of files
in a database. Maybe thats the path I'll need to go down.

I'm looking for a recent (say from 2020 on) book about ZFS and OpenZFS
on FreeBSD with some worked examples. The Mastery books which I think
you mentioned earlier, the latest I can find is from 2016 and a lot has
happened to zfs in five years. It's a problem with all technology books
where the technology changes rapidly.

I'm familiar with zfs for my own use. It's saved data from broken disks
several times. Just unfamiliar in this particilar use case:

[1] offsite backup over ssh or tls

[2] *all* changes to live site must be roll-backable [?] from backup,
for all time. If a file disappears from the live site I should be able
to restore it from backup.

[3] backup must be searchable. Doesn't have to be searchable all the
time, it just has to be if something needs to be restored.

Basically if the system gets set up, runs for a couple of years say.
Then I get asked to restore the site into the state it was a year and a
half ago. Then three months on from that restore point, restore it somewhere 
else like another test system. I need to be able to do that reliably.

But yeah, in the abscence of a book I really need to do testing.
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