mariadb server now requires bash?

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Wed Mar 31 01:37:14 UTC 2021

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>> Hello FreeBSD users,
>> During a recent 'pkg upgrade' (11.4-RELEASE) I was informed that 'bash' was to be installed. I am a zsh/csh user and have no intention to install the bash shell. After some trial and error it appears to me that bash is now a runtime dependency of mariadb103-server.
>> IIRC, bash was also listed after 'make run-depends-list' in the port of the same package.
>> I am trying to find out why this is the case, and if there is a way around it. But so far my searches have not been successful. Does anyone know?
> Do I know for sure? No.
> But I'd guess that it comes with shell scripts that use non-portable
> bashisms. This is common on Linux.

There is even worse thing about both mariadb and mysql: both of them in the latest version at least use JSON (Java Script Object Notation, really ?!!) somewhere in their tables.
I feel like these two projects just added Junk onto their product. I always was recommending postgresql to developers I serve as sysadmin for who were starting some new project…


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