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Sat Mar 20 17:51:57 UTC 2021

On Sat, Mar 20, 2021 at 1:38 PM Mohammad Noureldin <
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> > That was said by only one - very loud - member of FreeBSD community,
> > people here are much milder and way more polite. And I for one do not
> share
> > the view that FreeBSD in particular and open source systems in general
> are
> > only for people with [some] technical knowledge.
> >
> That was exactly my point :) . One reason to share my opinions, though I am
> new here, is that I have 100% trust in the openness, inclusiveness and
> friendliness of the FreeBSD community. But some conversations may be read
> in the wrong way in readers didn't read the details of the discussion.

You are missing the point I was making with the original comment on the who
and why Unix was designed.  It was not to say that it is only for technical
people but it was to say when you run into an issue that requires you to
dive into deeper water then normal you have no right to complain about how
the deep end was designed to be so deep.... it was designed that way
because you need deep water to safely have a (high) diving board to jump
from when your doing more than just swimming laps.... so if you don't know
how to swim (you only know how to float/dog paddle) you should  not attempt
to swim in the deep end... in this metaphor Unix (without a lot of very
fancy GUI work like Apple does) is the deep end... i.e. you might not need
or use the diving board but you have no right to complain about there being
a deep end if you decide to do full pool laps (it is on you to get the
skills needed to be in the deep end before entering it).

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