OS to replace FreeBSD

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Fri Mar 19 18:16:37 UTC 2021

On 3/19/21 11:04 AM, Jerry wrote:
> I had considered using a different flavor of BSD. I still might.
> However, I also happen to have a spare HD that I could plug into the
> system, install Windows 10 Pro and Hyper V and then see if FreeBSD 12.x
> or newer works correctly. That would only take a short amount of time.
> I just need to do it at night so I can take the system offline.
> It probably won't work, but if FreeBSD is isolated from the hardware,
> it might be all that is needed in the short run.
> -- Jerry

You should really consider trying some version of linux as well. Whatever you're most familiar with.

Arch is considered "bleeding edge" and you'll get something very close to the latest version of kernel and applications.

Void uses a runit init system with no systemd, and an architecture that is more similar than other linux distributions to the BSD way.

Any linux distribution will still give you _the_ linux kernel, so which distribution is chosen probably doesn't matter that much. Use whatever is easiest for you.

Also, this testing of linux USB3 on this particular problematic hardware could give additional insights into the problem on FreeBSD...


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