Repository availability and security updates for version 11

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Wed Mar 17 15:53:02 UTC 2021

On 17/03/2021 11:26, Guy Noir wrote:
> Hello,
> I am working with a team to upgrade our infrastructure to version 12,
> however I have a few questions about the EoL event in September for version
> 11:

>     1. How long after September 2020 will the version 11 repository remain
>     available?

It will probably be removed from the main download servers fairly soon 
after 11.x EoL.  However you will still be able to use which will have copies of 11.x available 

>     2. Does the FreeBSD team continue to provide security updates for
>     version 11 after the EoL in September?

No.  If it isn't obvious, 'EoL' means no more support for that version.

Remember the ports will cease to support 11.x at the same time. That 
often means a small flood of changes will be implemented that had been 
held back because of incompatibility with 11.x.  So don't count on being 
able to update any applications with known security problems after the 
EoL either.  It might work, or it might not: no guarrantees.



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