Disappearing files in FreeBSD 13.0-R2

David Christensen dpchrist at holgerdanske.com
Sun Mar 14 23:59:56 UTC 2021

On 3/14/21 4:03 PM, Waitman Gobble wrote:
> I did a fresh install using ZFS with encryption. I copied the files on a
> second drive (UFS) to /usr/home/backup (ZFS). I reformatted the second
> drive ZFS and created a new pool "home" for that drive. It decided to mount
> the drive as /home. AFAIK i never told the system to do that. But /home and
> /usr/home are different, there is no link.
> I can only see /usr/home/backup if i boot into single user mode. If i mount
> read write or boot normally then /usr/home is empty.
> I copied the files to a usb drive.
> How do i delete the backup? Its taking up 100 gb. I can see them read only
> and copy to usb drive, but as soon as i mount read write they disappear. I
> did not import the home pool, it does not show up in the status command.

Please run the following commands and post your console session:

# gpart show

# zpool list

# zfs list -d 1

# zfs list -r -t all home


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