Standards: IEC Giga [re: FreeBSD image size confusion]

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Sun Mar 14 19:18:55 UTC 2021

On Sun, 14 Mar 2021 04:38:06 -0600
@lbutlr wrote:

> We will see how that goes. It may be the "GiB" becomes common for
> computer storage, but 2^10 2^20 2^30 are definitely "proper", 
> and the use of "GiB" is still well below the use of "GB", and as much
> as official orgs TRY to force language usage, 

It's not a matter of language, it's a matter of standards. There is a
standard that says G means 10^9, and there is a standard that say Gi
means 2^30. No one is ever going to standardize G to mean  2^30.

> they have no actual ability to change the language people use.

This isn't like language where if people misuse a word for long enough
they get to be right, metrology isn't a matter of opinion. Most people
neither know nor care about the difference, and mostly it doesn't
matter, but were it does matter, standards based definitions are

The misuse was wrong, but convenient, but there is no need for it any
more. I don't understand why people like you wish to perpetuate the

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