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Tim Daneliuk tundra at
Tue Mar 2 00:05:02 UTC 2021

On 3/1/21 5:56 PM, Russell L. Carter wrote:
> nd I'm a little icked out to have to run local mail through yet
> another evilcorp.  So I'm provisionally going to have the local postfix
> instances SMTP relay to a cloud postfix instance I manage.  T

You don't.  Sendmail, at least, is smart enough to deliver local mail
without doing through the relay - at least for things in the same

For other domains, sendmail provides mailtable which is a way to decide
which relay should be used for which domains.  (I just confirmed this
with the sendmail gurus.)  I assume postfix has something analogous.

Also, I checked with DuoCircle and they claim to only retain the content
for a day in their logs, but are willing to turn that off at the request
of the customer.

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