How to upgrade Mailman and keep Let's Encrypt ?

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Wed Jul 28 18:54:27 UTC 2021

> Op 28 jul. 2021, om 20:30 heeft William Dudley <wfdudley at> het volgende geschreven:
> I should have done more "pkg search" -- it turns out that certbot/acme are
> also available
> as a py38 package, so that solves the problem if I want to migrate to
> mailman 3.
> I just did some "research" on mlmmj, which initially looked promising,
> until I realized
> it hadn't had any work done on it since 2017!  DMARC has made mailing lists
> challenging,
> and mlmmj has had no work done to it to handle that challenge.  People are
> using mlmmj,
> from what I can see by googling, but also migrating from mlmmj to mailman
> and others.

Hmm, it must be me, but you want your mailing manager to do everything:

When I used mailman in the past, my webserver (either apache or nginx) was responsible for certificates, and my mailserver (postfix) was responsible for mail thingemies, like DKIM and stuff.

This setup makes it much easier to switch to any mailing manager you like.


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