Moving From 11-Stable to 12-Stable

Tim Daneliuk tundra at
Fri Jul 16 15:31:39 UTC 2021

On 7/13/21 2:56 PM, Tomasz CEDRO wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 13, 2021 at 9:37 PM Tim Daneliuk via freebsd-questions wrote:
>> It's that time again, so - as always - the same questions:
>> - Will this upgrade require recompilation of all ports (I do not use packages)?
>> - Anything else tricky about this?
> If possible move to 13 it works better than 12 and has some graphics
> improvements already in place (intel works better but still amdgpu
> seems useless on modern card) :-)
> I have upgraded from 11 -> 12 -> 13 with no problems. Yes you will
> have to rebuild your ports after upgrade (I am using pkg).
> If you are using drm-kmod for intel disable loading this one in
> /etc/rc.conf before upgrade, perform upgrade, rebuild from ports, then
> try by hand if that works. ABI changed and this module caused some
> pain including kernel panic in a loop on mounted filesystem on 12.
> Good luck :-)

Thanks Tomasz -

I recompiled kernels and world for 13 and it's running nicely.

Did you use portmaster -af to do the port upgrades or something else?

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