What the hell starts pulseaudio?!

Tomasz CEDRO tomek at cedro.info
Thu Jul 15 09:23:20 UTC 2021

if autospawn=no does not work or you dont like it you can always modify the
pulseaudio upstream itsef, this is open-source, you can shape it as you
like, no need to complain, just make it happen,  add dummy package option
to pulseaudio upstream directly so you do not depend on dirty hacks or
obsolete forks or hours of unnecessary  builds, with a stub directly in
pulseaudio project you will only have to rebuild and lock pulseaudio
package, all others packages will have dependencies met and you will not
have pulseaudio running, huh? :-)

CeDeROM, SQ7MHZ, http://www.tomek.cedro.info

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