LPD with issue

Jacques Foucry jacques+freebsd at foucry.net
Fri Jul 2 09:13:36 UTC 2021

Hello folks,

Last yesr or may be before I ask you about LPD configuration.

Since a time I can't remember Ƣ have an issue. Before printing the document I
wat there is a page with garbage "jjj aaaa cccc qqq q u u eeee sss".

This is annoying to use a page for nothing.

My /etc/printcap:

	:lp=9100 at\

lpc status all                                                                                                                                                                                                           ✔
	queuing is enabled
	printing is enabled
	no entries in spool area
	printer idle

The printer is a Lexmarks MB2236

I made a blog post about how I installed the printer (look at the `lpr` part).
With those instructions the printer worked perfectlly.
I think I have the same configuration, but some thing goes wrong. 

If somebody can see where the issue is, I will be happy to discuss with.

Thanks for reading me.
Jacques Foucry
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