13Beta2, i386-wine: "Wine cannot find the ncurses library" & other errors (Zotero + other binaries)

Stephan, Corey corey.stephan at marquette.edu
Wed Feb 24 12:30:37 UTC 2021

Hello, everyone. I think that this is a bug, but as I am rather new to FreeBSD, 
I decided that it was more prudent to ask for guidance in the general help mailing
list than to file a bug report straight away.

FreeBSD 13 Beta 2, Default Kernel, AMD64

Hardware: Ryzen 1500X, RX 580 (kld_list="boot/modules/amdgpu.ko")

Desktop: Xorg, spectrwm, gtk

Relevant packages (pkg):

Zotero worked perfectly for me when I last tested it inside FreeBSD with Wine (12.2 in Virtualbox), and others report it to work well
(https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/72331/zotero-on-freebsd), but there now seems to be a problem with Wine's 
internal linking to 'ncurses' (and possibly a problem with 'amdgpu'). 

The following error output happens on a brand new Wine prefix with a fresh installation of the 
packages above, and it happens with packages other than Zotero (not a single-binary exclusive problem). 

i386-wine-devel and the development releases of wine-gecko and wine-mono yield different but related error messages.

Might someone be able to help me with this? 

Main error messages (full in pastebin):

Wine cannot find the ncurses library (libncurses.so.9).
libGL error: unable to load driver: radeonsi_dri.so

Full terminal output for i386-wine (stable), 'wine /usr/home/corey/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Zotero/zotero.exe':



Corey Stephan
corey.stephan at marquette.edu

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