case of vanishing freebsd forum threads

Christoph Brinkhaus c.brinkhaus at
Wed Feb 24 07:52:15 UTC 2021

Am Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 07:12:42AM +0000 schrieb Vladilen Kozin:

Hi Vladilen!

> I don't know if anyone experienced it but here's a puzzling thing that
> I've no other way to report than to write to a mailing list. If people
> in charge of FreeBSD Forums are reading this, could you ... well dunno
> ... maybe investigate and fix please.

I am not a modertor. But for the first posts (10 or so) a moderator
will review it. I think you just have to wait a few hours until a
moderator has the time to do so.
> I started a thread in Storage with the title roughly "hot swap drive
> behind RAID 0". It showed there for about an hour and then simply
> vanished. No longer shows up anywhere including my content or threads
> started by me. Silly me thought maybe I should post in Feedback about
> it. Well, what do you know that thread stayed there for about an hour
> pending approval or something and is now nowhere to be found either.

Currently I do not see any new threads as described.

> Apologies for posting here but I've no other venue to report since
> forum doesn't appear to ... well ... forum.

You are not the only one who has wondered about that.
Just be a little patient.

Kind regards,

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