case of vanishing freebsd forum threads

Vladilen Kozin vladilen.kozin at
Wed Feb 24 07:12:55 UTC 2021

I don't know if anyone experienced it but here's a puzzling thing that
I've no other way to report than to write to a mailing list. If people
in charge of FreeBSD Forums are reading this, could you ... well dunno
... maybe investigate and fix please.

I started a thread in Storage with the title roughly "hot swap drive
behind RAID 0". It showed there for about an hour and then simply
vanished. No longer shows up anywhere including my content or threads
started by me. Silly me thought maybe I should post in Feedback about
it. Well, what do you know that thread stayed there for about an hour
pending approval or something and is now nowhere to be found either.

Apologies for posting here but I've no other venue to report since
forum doesn't appear to ... well ... forum.

Best regards
Vlad Kozin

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