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> Hi,
> Am 16.02.21 um 19:42 schrieb LuMiWa via freebsd-questions:
> > I did search FreeBSD Wiki/laptops but I didn't find the answer. I
> > like to buy Thinkpad W541 or W550s (prefer W541) but I am not sure
> > if will work on FreeBSD. I want it to connect external monitor
> > which going through Nvidia graphics card which Optimus driver
> > supposed it works on FreeBSD 13. I found that installation works on
> > W520 and 530.
> I've been using quite a number of Thinkpads and among them is a T520 
> with optimus hybrid graphics. With this model the docking station
> with external monitors or an additional monitor without docking
> station never worked exept with MS Windows. This was a real PITA for
> me...
> So if I had the choice I would never ever buy an optimus system again.
> cu,
> Uwe
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Thank you for the information. I want to use external monitor and
workable Optimus driver is important. I like W550s but I think I will
go with T495s. I didn't decided yet.

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