Error code 1 when building plasma5-sddm-kcm

Steven Friedrich FreeBSD at
Sat Feb 20 03:11:46 UTC 2021

On Friday, 19 February 2021 11:17:52 EST Walter von Entferndt wrote:
> At Freitag, 19. Februar 2021, 13:00:03 CET, Steven Friedrich
> <FreeBSD at> wrote:
> > *** Error code 1
> > Stop.
> > make: stopped in /usr/ports/deskutils/plasma5-sddm-kcm
> > I have current ports.  I use svnlite update /usr/ports and
> > portmaster -a.  What can I do? 
> Look into the buildlog.  Maybe you have to tell portmaster to make the
> build verbose; I do not remember, since I stopped using that tool when I
> realized that *portmaster is broken by design*.  Do yourself a favor &
> use ports-mgmt/poudriere or ports-mgmt/synth instead & pkg delete
> portmaster.  They build in a fresh, clean environment; in contrast,
> portmaster does not & that causes all kind of weird issues.  Last not
> least portmaster clutters your machine with ports or packages that are
> needed as build dependency, and unless your're a developer you don't
> need these otherwise.  Building unjailed is only justified for self-
> contained ports (those that do not need to be compiled, all is in the
> ports' files/ subdirecory, some useful scripts are distributes this way)
> & ports that have a very limited number of dependencies, e.g. the *-kmod
> ports.  This does clearly not apply to any KDE or Qt software.
> Synth may be easier for the average enduser who does not need
> poudriere's advanced features (espc. build profiles).  Both build tools'
> performance will drastically benefit from leveraging devel/ccacche and/
> or devel/distcc.
> FYI portmaster is beeing rewritten in LUA.  Once the new version is
> available & stable, I will stop advocating against it (iff it also fixes
> the underlying design issues).
> Feel free to file in a bug report for the doc/*-freebsd-doc: the
> Handbook must not reference portmaster.  It calls itself "master", while
> it's procedures are (at least) naive, to say it politely.  Some are
> worse than O(N^2)...

Thank you, sir.  I took your advice and I am now using synth to build my 
ports.  I appreciate you taking the tme to help me.
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