Error code 1 when building plasma5-sddm-kcm

Walter von Entferndt walter.von.entferndt at
Fri Feb 19 16:18:00 UTC 2021

At Freitag, 19. Februar 2021, 13:00:03 CET, Steven Friedrich 
<FreeBSD at> wrote:
> *** Error code 1
> Stop.
> make: stopped in /usr/ports/deskutils/plasma5-sddm-kcm 
> I have current ports.  I use svnlite update /usr/ports and
> portmaster -a.  What can I do? 

Look into the buildlog.  Maybe you have to tell portmaster to make the 
build verbose; I do not remember, since I stopped using that tool when I 
realized that *portmaster is broken by design*.  Do yourself a favor & 
use ports-mgmt/poudriere or ports-mgmt/synth instead & pkg delete 
portmaster.  They build in a fresh, clean environment; in contrast, 
portmaster does not & that causes all kind of weird issues.  Last not 
least portmaster clutters your machine with ports or packages that are 
needed as build dependency, and unless your're a developer you don't 
need these otherwise.  Building unjailed is only justified for self-
contained ports (those that do not need to be compiled, all is in the 
ports' files/ subdirecory, some useful scripts are distributes this way) 
& ports that have a very limited number of dependencies, e.g. the *-kmod 
ports.  This does clearly not apply to any KDE or Qt software.

Synth may be easier for the average enduser who does not need 
poudriere's advanced features (espc. build profiles).  Both build tools' 
performance will drastically benefit from leveraging devel/ccacche and/
or devel/distcc.

FYI portmaster is beeing rewritten in LUA.  Once the new version is 
available & stable, I will stop advocating against it (iff it also fixes 
the underlying design issues).

Feel free to file in a bug report for the doc/*-freebsd-doc: the 
Handbook must not reference portmaster.  It calls itself "master", while 
it's procedures are (at least) naive, to say it politely.  Some are 
worse than O(N^2)...
=|o)  "Stell' Dir vor es geht und keiner kriegt's hin." (Wolfgang Neuss)

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