LTO tape and StorageWorks PowerVault auto-changers

Ekkehard Gehm freebsd at
Thu Feb 4 15:42:34 UTC 2021

Hey Frank,

Am 03.02.2021 um 22:47 schrieb Frank Leonhardt:
> Before I re-invent something that exists but I simply don't know about
> it, is anyone else using LTO tape on FreeBSD, especially with HP
> StorageWorks or Dell PowerVault juke boxes?
> With a single drive you can get away with mt and tar/dump as you
> prefer. It's also easy enough to dump a ZFS dataset to a tape device -
> although not documented (that's one of my first jobs). But when it
> comes to jukeboxes there's nothing I'm aware of - you can't even get
> at the tape label - either via the RMI or cam. Unless you know different?
> I haven't even been able to find programming documentation from HP or
> Dell, but some must exist as commercial backup products can do this on
> Windoze.
> Is there some huge cache of documentation I'm missing (pointer
> please!), or is anyone else working on this and able to join forces?
> BTW, I am aware of LTFS but it's not really useful in the BSD world,
> where archiving databases and datasets is more likely to be of interest.
> Thanks, Frank.
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I used to play around with some Sony Changers.... But I used Amanda as
this is my backup soluion...


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