Pleroma, erlang problem.

Jacques Foucry jacques+freebsd at
Wed Feb 3 12:51:58 UTC 2021

Hello friends,

I used to run a Pleroma instance on a jail. The host was running

Yesterday, I upgraded the host to 12.2-RELEASE-p3.

Since this upgrade, Pleroma does not start and it seems it's an erlang

When I try run launch is by hand, it fail:

MIX_ENV=prod mix phx.server /usr/local/lib/erlang/erts- Undefined symbol "pthread_setname_np at FBSD_1.6"

I did not know anythіng about erlang. Could it be a bug on it?

I use a poudriere. I recompile erlang, look at threard options, all are

Any advice are welcome.
Thanks for reading me.
Jacques Foucry

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