Specifying & searching of package flavors

parv/freebsd parv.0zero9+freebsd at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 23:06:27 UTC 2021

Hi there,

1- How does one search for available flavors of a package by partial
   or full package origin?

  For example, given origin of "devel/lua-stdlib" would install the packages
  for all available versions of lua (5.1--5.4). Only way I found that that
  would be the case is during the actual install.

  Issues here ...
  - "pkg search lua-stdlib" does not show any results;
  - "pkg install lua-stdlib at lua54" fails to find any available packages.
    thing that would work is "lua54-stdlib";
  - to be able to "-x" option, I would need to have prior knowledge to use
    "lua.+?stdlib" ( "lua.+?-stdlib" does not work) to give to

2- How do specify the "flavor"s for various packages in a file so that I
  not need to search or specifically have to specify them to pkg tools?

  - parv

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