Why is freebsd-update so horrible slow?

Gökşin Akdeniz goksin.akdeniz at gmail.com
Wed Apr 14 08:36:14 UTC 2021


I suppose my humble opinions and advices may help.

Download speeds depends vary widelydepending of many actors. LAN speed 
do not guarantee the "full-speed". I have gigabit LAN but ISP offeres 
IPv4 connection with 100 Mbps which I can experience 80 Mbps at ideal 
conditions. "Usual speed" for FreeBSD-UPDATE servers onrelease dates is 
about at 50-60 Mbps. I wait for a couple of days before I upgrade any 

Besides, servers handling upgrade requests and network infrastructure 
they are connected, may be overloaded and may lead to "poor performance".

Metwork performance may vary due to number of clients and hosts, routing 
of packages, jitter, resending of packages du to TTL and package loss, 
congesteg nodes and routes and etc.

I advise, waiting for a couple of days or so before attempting to upgrade.

And ypu may replace existing installations with any OS of your choice.

14.04.2021 04:39 tarihinde Erik Lauritsen yazdı:
> I have been setting here for about 6 hours waiting for an upgrade from 12.2 to 13 and freebsd-update is only half way through getting all the patches!
> It's painful. It's like the 90th with 56k modems and I am on a gigabit wire.
> Then I did a search and this has apparently been an issue for several years, it has even been filed as a bug.
> Anyway, I have cancelled the upgrade. If it's going to take this long, I am not going to upgrade this, but will most likely replace it with another OS.
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