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Mon Apr 12 18:29:50 UTC 2021

On 12 Apr 2021, at 09:52, Carl Johnson <carlj at> wrote:
> "@lbutlr" <kremels at> writes:
>> I still do not know where the quad9 DNS that was added came from
>> (simply editing resolve.conf did not work, it was immediately put
>> back). I've searched for any files contains "9\.9\.9\.9" to no avail,
>> so maybe in a DB file?
> If one of your interfaces is using dhcp configuration,

Nope. No DHCP on the servers.

> then whatever is
> hosting that might be supplying quad9 as the dns server.  That is just a
> guess since I don't know enough about how resolvconf or dhcp work.

Yeah, this is very weird.

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