Dell XPS 8940 SATA and NVMe disk controller not recognized

Tomasz CEDRO tomek at
Sun Apr 4 17:40:20 UTC 2021

On Sun, Apr 4, 2021, 00:10 Karl Dunn <kldunn at> wrote:

> That worked, precisely as it did for you: gpart list shows partitions
> and drives much to my expectations, and Win10 no longer boots.  I can
> boot windows by setting the BIOS config back to RAID.  That's not much
> of a pain.  Now to try installing 12.2-RELEASE on the SSD!
> Thank you very much indeed!

You may want to boot from windoze iso installer and try "fix boot problems"
when already in SATA controller mode.

If that does not work and machine boots in UEFI mode you may want to
adjust/select the proper EFI-BOOT partition to boot from. Usually this is
the FAT32 partition with EFI boot loader.

If that does not work you may simply re-install windoze from iso installer,
serial number is now installed in BIOS/TPM, so you will have all OS working
in SATA mode :-)



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