move zfs geli encrypt mirror to unencrypted

xpetrl xpetrl at
Wed Sep 16 15:39:37 UTC 2020

>> We have a server with 4 disks, 2 zpool are zfs mirror:
>> - base system unencrypted, partitions (da*p2)
>> - data storage, geli encrypted, partitions (da*p4)
>> We now want to "move" the data storage (encrypt) to unencrypted partition.
> 	Do you still want the encrypted partitions ? If not the simplest
> thing to do would be to detach the encrypted devices (daNp4.eli) one at a
> time and attach the unencrypted device (daNp4) in its place, wait for the
> resilver and repeat for the other devices in the zvol.

We don't need the encrypted partition anymore.

Your procedure is really convenient, thank you.

Do I have to take care about geli in some way?

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