Adding a laptop with defected 2nd/GPU to the Wiki

sasha vigole sasha.vigole at
Sat Oct 10 07:44:34 UTC 2020

On 09/10/2020 00:35, sasha vigole wrote:
> Hi, I have to test/post, technical info of two laptops to the wiki.
> I'm familiar with procedure, and it's not a hardware diagnostic post.
> One of the laptops works OK with FreeBSD, but its 2nd/GPU is defected.
> If I post its info to the wiki, it's going to lack info about 2nd/GPU.
> Official specs at the Lenovo, states that this laptop has a 2nd/GPU.
> Should I post such non-complete technical information to the wiki, or
> it's not appropriate and it's going to confuse some users.

I'll post the result to the wiki ASAP, setting the defected 2nd/GPU's
"Status" to: "Present but status unknown or untested".
Meanwhile, I'm happy to hear your suggestion/correct, regarding such 
issues, and I'll change related status accordingly. Thanks.

73 30 sasha vigole

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