ndisgen for BCM4331

elk aide elk_aide at startmail.com
Sat Oct 3 02:32:39 UTC 2020

Hello everybody, how do you do?

I am trying to use a Windows driver with ndis.

ndisgen bcmwl6.inf bcmwl6.sys    (or ndisgen bcmwl6.inf bcmwl664.sys)

I then get this error:

ndiscvt: line 3095: VID_02d0&PID_4319&FN_1\LocationPaths\*: syntax error.

view +3095 bcmwl6.inf shows this: (with 2 lines above and below for context)

;x64 -- Copy files for coinstaller

;x86 -- Copy files for coinstaller


HKR,,CoInstallers32,0x00010000,"bcmwlcoi.dll, BCMWlanCoInstall"

; WinVista/Win7 x64 - WDF Co-installer installation section

ndigen might not like the wildcard there, but I don't really know how to
proceed. Has anyone of you done this before, or knows what to do here?

Thanks a lot, and have a nice day.
Cheers, elk aide

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