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Fri Oct 2 15:23:55 UTC 2020

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> Are there any tools that monitor apps or services and do sane things to make sure that the series
> are running?
> Obviously, I can write a simple script that says something like "if service <name> status doesn't
> have a PID, then …" but that's simplistic and I don't want something that is simply going to
> restart a failed service over and over every time it crashes. (But once or twice when it crashes is
> good, with an escalation to maybe restart a different series and a fall back from that to restart
> the machine… but again, not restarting the machine a few seconds after boot because it can't start
> the service.)
> I am not looking for something that says "hey, email is not working" (I already have that but more
> subtly like "Hey, dovecot isn't running" or "MySQL isn't running".
> Googling leads me to external monitoring of forward facing services based on port scanning, I'm
> looking for something local to the machine.
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I like FSC[1].


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