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Sun Nov 22 14:24:31 UTC 2020


On Fri, Nov 13, 2020 at 01:13:00AM +0100, Christian Baer wrote:
>- energy cost
>  Electricity is annoyingly expensive in Germany (a kWh costs ~30
>  Eurocents). So the fact that this computer needs a relatively small
>  amount of electricity (compared to the alternative) is a good factor
>  for me.

I'm using a rpi4/8GB as a sshd bastion host, for running poudriere
building packages [1] for less-powered pi(e)s, and is the place where
I use email (mutt). It's the only local machine I run 24/7. After
much tweaking and optimisation, I have found it very stable [2]. It runs
recent -current and the kernel/world has debugging turned off.

[1] this runs daily. I've seen loads in top of over 10 and it doesn't 
miss a beat. Has FLIRC case for cooling, no fan. Max cpu temps ive 
seen have been 70 degC but that was at 28 degC ambient. It has a 1TB
spinning rust attached via powered usb3 bus.

[2] stability required for its primary purpose
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