virtualbox rdp & shutdown issues

S. Franks bahamasfranks at
Mon Nov 16 23:05:18 UTC 2020

Anyone have luck connecting to the rdp server built into virtualbox on
12.1-stable? It works like a charm on an ubuntu 20.04 host but I can't
for the life of me get any client to connect to it when freebsd is the
host! I can see it thinks vrdp is running with vboxmange showvminfo

On a related note, I can't shutdown a vm on freebsd. It always hangs
and leaves it in an unusable state where I can't start again either
and I have to re-import. Google shows this issue has been plaguing bsd
in various forms since at least 10.x.

If I can't host vm's on freebsd, it's not very useful in the modern
server environment. I know there's bhyve but the support from modern
provisioning tools like vagrant and ansible is spotty at best. Source
routing and multiple routing tables is still obscure to set up. No
support for docker which has been out 7 years (yes, I know everyone
will tell me to use jails, but once again those don't play with all
the pre-existing tools out there so my workload is 10x how do I
justify that to my boss). I'm so sad to see my all-time favorite OS
slipping into obsolescence...but I digress. I'd still like to host
vbox vms on it *if* I can figure out the bugs...

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