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On 5/28/20 2:01 PM, Polytropon wrote:


> Consider: der Computer = der Rechner, but the calculator !=
> the computer. And for compound nouns: It just doesn't work to
> dissect them, translate piece by piece, put them together again
> and expect something understandable; for this specific reason
> there's Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitänsmützenhaltenagel-
> einschlagwerkzeugverkaufsstellenleiterbefähigungsausweisinhaber,

Oh, this is the good one! Doesn't compare with the longest word I 
remember from my high school Deutsch class:


Yours really has another dimension!

> or just use Java. ;-)
Oh, well, whereas long composed German words didn't bother me (and still 
do not), Java programs... well, I better keep this for myself. Another 
thing about German Language is that you really need to discipline 
yourself into listening till the very last word of the sentence... 
because that word may be the one that negates the whole statement. This 
probably promotes higher culture of communication, as instead of 
starting to say anything across another person to contradict, you may 
better wait, as he, it may appear at the end, makes the same point as 
you would ;-)



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