Documentation and debugging for NFSv4

Greg Veldman freebsd at
Thu May 28 16:09:26 UTC 2020

On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 04:58:06PM +0100, Norman Gray wrote:
> Also: It's the wrong list to ask this on, but would you happen to have 
> any pointers on getting this NFS-domain configuration working on CentOS 
> or similar machines?  I can find nothing intermediate between the RFC 
> and the nfsidmap tool & idmap.conf manpages.  Doing the obvious 
> configuration doesn't work, and even the debugging syslog messages give 
> few clues about what, precisely, is wrong.

On most distros (including CentOS I think) the daemon name is
rpc.idmapd and its config file is /etc/idmapd.conf.  In theory
you should only have to set the "Domain" keyword in the "General"
section of that file.  In practice, it's often not that easy.
I've typically found that if you run it as:

# rpc.idmapd -f -vvv

you're likely to at least get enough debug into to point you
in the right direction. ;-)

Good luck.

Greg Veldman

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