Documentation and debugging for NFSv4

Norman Gray norman.gray at
Thu May 28 15:58:12 UTC 2020

Greg, hello.

On 26 May 2020, at 19:25, Greg Veldman wrote:

> Yes, you're probably going to have to touch all the machines
> (or have your config management tool of choice do it for you).

...or at least touch a subset of them, to make their NFS domain the same 
as the 'other' set's DNS default. *sigh*

Also: It's the wrong list to ask this on, but would you happen to have 
any pointers on getting this NFS-domain configuration working on CentOS 
or similar machines?  I can find nothing intermediate between the RFC 
and the nfsidmap tool & idmap.conf manpages.  Doing the obvious 
configuration doesn't work, and even the debugging syslog messages give 
few clues about what, precisely, is wrong.

Even the wiki [1] is... thin.

Best wishes,



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