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How much experience is necessarry?
I don't know anything about computers but got freebsd as a project to learn as much as possible. If I were to get involved does "teaching the ropes" at all possibly include learning other things like networking and possibly and hopefully learning how to port software?

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What about port maintainership. Or port mentee? What Is it exactly. Good learning experience?

Yes/no/maybe is it worth and is it a good learning experience.

A port maintainer as Mathew said is resonible for keeping a port in good working order visa vie FreeBSD.  A good example is when I took over maintainership of devel/aegis it was to update to the latest released version (the original author passed away in 2014 and no one has picked up the ball to make new versions since despite a small group of hardcore users [including my self]) and all was good then when FreeBSD started to phase out the preference for GCC I had to make some patches to make it work with LLVM, etc.

Taking over a dead port is likely not as good of an learning experience as making and maintaining a new one.   Contact me privately I have some ideas for stuff that can and should be ports that I haven't had time for (mostly side projects relating to PetiteCloud that I can maintain via aegis but not via ports due to not making the translation scripts completely yet)
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