Moving sources (base/ports) from /usr

Per Hedeland per at
Wed May 20 11:32:04 UTC 2020

On 2020-05-20 13:17, Ede Wolf wrote:
> My bad. Very sorry. I totally forgot to mention, that root has changed it's login shell to /bin/sh. I do not use csh at all.
> So /etc/profile is being read and the SOURCEDIR is a valid environmental variable, as can be seen from the first echo $SOURCEDIR.

To be pedantic, 'echo $SOURCEDIR' does *not* show that SOURCEDIR is
set in the *environment*, only that it is set in the shell *or* the
environment. You might want to double-check with

$ env | grep SOURCEDIR

> It somehow does just not get handed down to mergemaster - unless exported again on the command line.
> I'll have a more in depth read through the explanation of Polytropon and sh(1) and certainly will give that a go. Very likely mergemaster calls it's own /bin/sh and that would then require the .shrc.
> Even though I still maintain, an export in [.]profile should be handed down to every subshell, unless overwritten. But I'm afraid, stubborness does not get me any further, unfortunately.

Leaving the vagaries of different shells and their rc files aside, I'd
say that "*a variable set in the environment* should be handed down to
every *subprocess*, unless overwritten (or explicitly excluded)".

--Per Hedeland

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